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Hair Services


Carol Brailey is a member of the Studio Fontana Team which is located at 400 Wellington Street West in the King West neighbourhood of downtown Toronto.

Carol incorporates her expertise of colour analysis in all of her hair colour consultations. Click here to watch a video demonstrating the process Carol uses to identify optimal hair colours for clients.

A hair colour that looks great on someone else or a hair colour that looks great in a swatch book, will not necessarily look great on you!  Everyone is perfectly unique.

By wearing a hair colour that is aligned with YOUR optimal hair colour palette, you are guaranteed to look younger, healthier, professional and more vibrant.

Looking for a new hair style, hair style makeover and/or hair style consultation? Carol’s primary focus at this time in terms of hair services is on hair colour consultations. For hair styling consultations, Carol recommends all of her image clients to her colleague at Studio Fontana – Francesco Fontana. He is our favourite award-winning hair stylist and was one of the stars on Style by Jury (featured in over 50 episodes). Call 416.921.9888 to book an appointment with Francesco.


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We offer two hair colour service categories:

1. Hair colour analysis consultation ($85 CAD plus HST)
Click here to watch a video demo of a hair colour analysis.

A 30 minute in-person hair colour analysis consultation with Carol includes:

– Undertone analysis – you will be draped with colour analysis fabrics to find out your skin undertone.

– Some colour analysis tools will be used to reveal your most optimal hair colour(s) to you. You will also have the opportunity to try on hair colour swatches if your current hair colour is not one in your optimal hair colour palette.

2. Hair colour services at Studio Fontana (price dependent on services performed)

Based on your hair colour analysis consultation, hair colour services will be performed to transition your hair colour to your optimal hair colour palette. Hair colour services include:

– Highlights – full and partial.

– Solid hair colour applications.

– “Painting in colour” (includes ombre and balayage effects).

Call 416.921.9888 to book. Hair colour analysis consultations and hair colour service appointments are typically booked between the hours of 11:30am and 5pm EST Tuesday to Saturday (Note: phone is answered Tuesday to Saturday).

Note: Carol is no longer accepting new hair colour clients. If you would like your hair colour updated after your hair colour analysis consultation, Carol will refer you to a hair colourist at Studio Fontana for your hair colour services.